Iwan Ross

Integration Specialist

Setup Shop on Instagram and Facebook

Are you looking for someone who can help you setup shop in Instagram or Facebook? I can help. With more than 7 international brands, including my own personal Inatagram Business Account you may have found the right person. I can also add a greate reference. Have a look at @ReedFroShop. What makes this Instgram Business Account interesting is the fact that it makes use of multiple product feeds, integrated into one Facebook Catalog. Facebook recommends that you keep all of your catalogue items in one catalogue, instead of creating multiple catalogues.

A challenging prospect, but very doable, given you have the right person for the job. 😎 If you click on the image below, you can see what it will look like in your Facebook Commerce Manager account, we will talk more about this, a bit later, especially the shop section, visible at the bottom left of the image.

facebook catalogue manager on facebook business account


What are the Setup Requirements for Shopping on Instagram

Before you begin. Your business needs to be eligible to start selling physical products on Instagram. Most of the accounts you need are free, including a Facebook Business Account, as well as converting to an Instagram Business Account. Be wary of companies that charge you a subscription to create commerce accounts. In most cases the only money you need to spend would be to pay someone to do the work for you, and that is where I come in 💡.

Please see a list of the requirements your business need to follow before you can setup shop on Instagram or Facebook.

Once you've connected a product catalogue to your Instagram Business or Creator account and have products in your catalogue, submit your account for review by following these steps. Account reviews typically take a few days but sometimes can take longer.


A quick and easy way to check if you are approved for Instagram Shopping is to sign into your Facebook Commerce Manager account and then click on your Instagram Shop name. You will see a message that your shop is approved for instagram shopping. Click on the screenshot below to see what it should look like.


Instagram Shop is approved for Instagram Shopping.


After your account is approved for Instagram Shopping, the final step is to Turn on Instagram ShoppingThis is really easy and can be done from within the Instagram app.

All these requirements sounds very daunting, but please do not despair. I have sufficient experience with setting up shop on Instagram and can help you grow your business by providing assistance or insights with every step.

What is Next

All the hard work ads many additional features to your Instagram account and provides you with many tools to grow your business and set you apart from the rest. Facebook cliams that there are more than 140 million businesses registerd on Instagram for Shopping. This is a fraction of the daily users.

Now that you've enabled Instagram Shopping, you can use product tags to highlight products in your posts and shopping stickers in your videos. You can also add actions to your Instagram Stories like swipe up to view product collections or link directly to your shop or a specific product.. The product collections can be created from within your Facebook Commerce Manager dashboard.


Click the image below to see where to add product collections to your facebook page and Instagram shop.


Instagram and Facebook shop collecction


All hard work is not in vain. Setting up an Instagram and Facebook shop unlocks many additional features you can use to grow your brand. The most beneficial features I can think of are Leads Centre or Lead Ads Forms, Audience Insights and Brand Collabs Manager. None of these features are required for a successful Instagram campaign, but they are all worht exploring and can add value added services to your Brand experience.

Facebook Events

If you have a website that sells physica products, then it is higly recommended that you add Facebook events to your pages. Facebook Events Manager gives you insight into the traffic on your website. It can show you which pages people look at, on which devices they view your website and what actions they take. There are many different events you can track and this is done by adding JavaScript Code, known as Pixels, to different elements of your Website pages.


If you click on the image below, you can see how the Facebook Tracking Pixels are implemented and visible through the Facebook Pixel Helper browser plugin. The pixel is implemented on

Facebook pixel: Measure, optimise and retarget with Facebook ads | Facebook for Business


When someone visits your website and takes an action (for example, buying something), the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this action. This way, you'll know when a customer took an action after seeing your Facebook ad. You'll also be able to reach this customer again by using a Custom Audience. When more and more conversions happen on your website, Facebook gets better at delivering your ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions. This is called conversion optimisation

Setting up the Facebook pixel

If you have access to your website's code, you can add the Facebook pixel yourself. Simply place the Facebook pixel base code (what you see when you create your pixel) on all pages of your website. Then add standard events to the pixel code on the special pages of your website, such as your add-to-basket page or your purchase page. For full step-by-step instructions on adding the Facebook pixel to your site, visit the Help Centre. Either way, I can assist you with implementing the Facebook Pixel, directly on the pages of your website, or through a tag management system, like Goodle Tag Manager.



The above solution will work for you wheter you own a brand or promote other brands. I have an affiliate marketing account and promote many brands and have managed to set up shop on Instagram and Facebook. You will still need a website or domain and connect it to your Instagram account, but there are a few ways that will allow you to use tracking links in your Instagram stories and posts. I can show you how. 😃