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So you think your mother in law can multitask? It is not uncommon for an integrations support specialist to be engaged in mupltiple projects simultaneously. You use more tools than a airline pilot has instruments. You are surrounded by three screens and it is not uncommoon to work on two computers at the same time, one PC and one Mac, although I personally prefer the fist mentioned. Not to mention mobile devices. We constantly do testing on mobile phones and tablets as well.

Okay enough of the tech chat. What am I busy with?

Page Load API - Cookieless Tracking Integration

The public is fedup with social media platforms tracking your every move and storing every detail about you for marketing purposes. The heavywieght browsers have listened and implemented strategic solutions to online tracking protection and prevention. The biggest culprit are cookies being dropped in client browsers. It is possible to still track the user journey and other metrics without dropping cookies in the client browser, also known as offiline event reporting.

The solution is to implement a cookieless tracking solution and report all online events via Server 2 Server, or better known as API, requests. Through this method no cookies are set, but there is a significant challenge. You need to implement custom logic, client and server side, that will recognize your visitors as new or returning, and tie all sunserquent website actions to the user. The actions, also better known as click to action events, can be any online actions that you identify as goals for your visitors to complete. The most common website actions, or conversion evemnts, are online leads and online sales.

I have implemented a unique JavaScript fingerprint solution that uniquely identifies a site visitor, using various variables like IP address, user agent and others. The visitor journey, including conversions are tracked via a completely cookieless integration using API and page load technologies.To see the system in action, please visit the Page Load API play shop page and use the credentials available. The responses are echoed to the page content so that you can see what information is submitted in the API requests. The API Request on the landing page is submitted client to server via AJAX and the API request on the order confirmation page is a Server to Server request.

Smoking Chimney - Autonomous product listing service

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Reedfrog - Search API

Many of our clients integrate with our system through ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and others. The downside of these DIY ecommerce platforms is that in most cases no developer work is required. Everything is available in template formats and many third party utilites provide advanced feagtures. Another downside is that the web pages and sites are hosted on a different platform meaing you do not have access to the web pages or contents. The only solution to integrate with the custom platforms would be to place custom scrpts on the order confirmation pages, or create plugims/apps that simplifies the process, to some exttend.

In my personal opinion I have discovered that a custom data layer works best on these sites. You have access to all the objects in the data layer and the data is available om other third party tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, and many more.

Android App - Loggly Validator

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Automated Android Push Notification

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Automated Android In app message

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In app deep linking

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